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OCLUG Board Agenda

=== //Feel free to add an item of discussion to the OCLUG Board Agenda.// ===

Meeting Date: 2013-11-20 at 19:00

Location: IRC

When it's an irc meeting, use: server, chatroom #oclug-board.


  • Approval of agenda
  • Approve Last Month's Board Meeting Minutes BoardMinutesAugust2013
  • Committees and events
    • User Group Connect
    • Volunteers
    • L3GO
  • Finance Report
  • Membership list
  • Government of Ontario “compliance? letter
  • Other Government of Ontario items?
  • Speaker pool/etc. (this is an issue with a lot of groups)
  • Other Business
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  • Update on action items from last Board meeting
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Business arising from the Board meeting
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