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  • John
  • Lisa
  • Ian
  • MCR
  • Aidan
  • Bart


  • Ottawa IPv6 Summit


  • find a date and venue by end of Sept
  • end of October
    • all speakers committed

Venue tasks

  • Aidan will speak to “Jane” at Carleton
  • John to find out availability of DMS / SITE
  • John will ask prof Beleti at Carleton
  • MCR will speak with CS at Carleton
  • MCR will speak with Marc Blanchet (Viagenie) about a v6-v4 translator
  • MCR will check on price for room at Adobe (Dave)
  • MCR will ask William about NRC venue
  • Bart to see if Will knows anyone at Archives Canada (venue)

Speaker tasks

  • find 2 speakers that will speak of success stories
  • Aidan will ask Tmobile guy if he could come (supplier)
  • Bart will check who wrote the IETF draft RFC on “CPE …” (ask MCR)
  • Bart will ask TekSavvy for speaker
  • Bart will check if would be interested in presenting a 1/2 day technical talk

Other tasks

  • Bart will update the intro paragraph on the wiki
  • Bart will put this on the wiki, and send emails
  • Ian will investigate sites to offload attendee management and billing
  • “IPv4.gif” MCR


  • “Early March” or “Late April”
  • Owen is busy for late Feb reading week
  • before March 31st
    • good for donations


  • uOttawa DMS 4101 (John will find out)
  • Adobe on Preston
  • BNR Carling campus

Target audience?

  • management ( business / govn't )
  • semi pro hobbyists
  • MooneysBayComputer guy that does technical troubleshooting
  • hands on IT management / team leads


  • (MCR) $50-60 to keep govn't people in w/o approval
  • (Ian) OCLUG people getting in free?
  • (John) charge everyone, reduce fee for students
    • record the student number when you show up, prove it


  • sponsors get free passes

Possible speakers

  • ARIN
    • John Curin (president, CEO) (MCR)
  • EION (Kanata) (MCR)
  • TaTa communications (MCR)
    • “success story”
  • CRC
    • Andrew Patrick (he can speak, but also distribute the info) (MCR)
  • RIPE
  • ipv6 task force (MCR)

Invite people from

  • Transport Canada (head of IT)
    • Patrick's wife works at TC (MCR)
  • Industry Canada
  • DND (joint task force)
  • PC users group
  • Windows users group
  • Mac UG
  • CRTC
  • Marc Blanchet (Viagenie) built a v6-v4 translation works on WRT
  • WIND Mobile
  • WindRiver


  • 2010 Texas IPv6 summit
  • 2010 Australian
  • Gogonet Live Nov 3,4
  • Turkish 2011 Jan 12-13
  • V6 World 2011 Paris 8-11 Feb
  • IPSO aliance

Potential Sponsors

  • OCRI
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