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  • Bart, Ian, MCR

Web site criteria

Michael (MCR) asks: what do we need before the web site goes live? Ian: needs to fix the headline and some other things.

Bart: likes web site with the pictures of the speakers there.

MCR says that anything is good, just do it. Live by January 1, 2010… need to have 8-10 blog entries to post during the 16-20 weeks leading up to the event itself.


  • change the title.
  • make the line spacing better
  • make the font more modern.
  • move the links to the left side.
  • there should be one logo, not two.
  • advertise the two streams as two columns.
  • attendee registration testing.

ACTION: Bart to activate the volunteers. To write an introduction to the mailing list, and ask people what they'd like to help with. ACTION: Asking other groups in Ottawa to come out. (PCLUG,MACLUG,EngSoc,JavaUsersGroup)

What do we need help with:

  • webmaster: look and feel for site.
  • content: guest bloggers.
  • email contact/support person.
  • volunteers on the day.
  • technical volunteers for tutorial.
  • need some 16/24-port switches (quiet ones) and cabling

ACTION: try out the registration. ACTION: need to configure the conference system. ACTION: mysql nightly dump. ACTION: reminder that site is not ready, but you can get updates. ACTION: point to twitter, and facebook pages. ACTION: MCR to find out if we can POST to facebook via API.

Date/Location confirmation

  • Date: April 29, 2011. 8:30am to 17:00.
  • Location: DMS 1130, 1150, 1160.

Network issues

  • MCR is the point for the network setup.
  • how to get production quality Access Points, if we need to have our own.
  • need to have a local DHCP/DHCPv6/IPv6-gateway/DNS/web servers.

Decisions about speakers

ACTION: confirm with existing speakers for finalized date. (Owen). ACTION: call for speakers drafted, has to wait for site to go live. ACTION:

ACTION: MCR to put together gantt chart for

Registration form


ACTION: find out about lunch.

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