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This page tracks venue reservation.

Official site: IPv6

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  • uOttawa
    • Telfer is on board. We have 3 rooms.
  • Carleton
    • Aidan spoke with …
    • Bart asked with Kyle McMartin, member of ENGSOC and past member of OCLUG, for help. Kyle is going through the channels to find out what is available and when. Kyle was under the impression that Carleton will still charge, but it will be a reduced fee.


(these fields are requested for filling out the submission form for Cerleton booking request form)

  • 2 large Azrieli lecture rooms, and hallway or a 3rd flat room
  • Dates: March 4, March 11, April 8, or April 15 (in that order).
  • Food and beverage: yes
  • Admission charge: yes
  • Have insurance: no
  • Event name: Ottawa IPv6 Summit
  • Attendees: students, staff, public
  • Expected #: 200
  • description can be copied from the top of the first page
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