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Ottawa IPv6 Summit - Website

This page tracks the web site details.

Official site: IPv6

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Priority Tasks

  • post conference description
  • post venue information (need confirmation)
  • post twitter/facebook details
  • finalize style
  • block sign-up for now
  • promote everywhere

Open Tasks


  • Server time is 12 hours behind
  • Apache autoindexing is on (e.g., for ) - need an “Options -Indexes” directive
    • Depending on config, may also want “!AllowOverride None” for good measure
  • User Home
    • Non-matching white area around main div - Lisa
      • Tried to fix with conference CSS with *#container directive, but some setting in main website is clobbering it - works in Firebug
      • Main page uses theme as /public/conferences/1/conferenceStyleSheet.css, User Home uses /public/site/sitestyle.css
    • Title logo does not appear
      • This is not a CSS issue as the logo is uploaded separately. Perhaps there is another area somewhere in the interface where it must also be uploaded.
    • Customized IPv6 favicon does not appear - only red maple leaf
  • Main page
    • Move “IPv6 is inevitable” message to large floating text box on right - Lisa
    • Create two columns to describe streams, business stream first - Ian or Lisa
      • Whitespace has been suggested instead of coloured boxes to avoid busy look
  • Whole site
    • Remove “Current Conferences” link in top menu
    • Move/add location and date headers into blank space to the right of the logo - Ian and Lisa
      • Originally proposed to be done via hacking the code or CSS, but then this important information will only appear on the main page
      • Use CSS to simply remove them from main page content box, and use something else to add them where we want them?
      • Have played with several title, logo, alt header configurations and have not found a straightforward way to add them through interface - Lisa
    • Replace red maple leaf favicon with IPv6 logo - Lisa done
  • Papers submission form
    • Hidden attribute and default value for unneeded fields, for clean interface and to keep the DB happy
    • Create colour logo and replace current one - Ian
    • Send blue bird hex value to Ian - Lisa done - !#3265cb

Website Development setup

We have a staging setup for the website development.

Here is the complete index:

The source code is tracked in git. The git repository is accessible here:

  • read-only: * full: The git repositories are managed using gitosis. That's the last URL, that gives you write access. We have the following branch naming structure: * master - pushing to the master branch publishes the code on the main site. * $DEV/* - private name space for a given $DEV. * $DEV/devel - pushing to the user's devel branch publishes the code on their devel* site. NOTE: Only Ian and Bart have write access to master. Everyone else can test on their devel server, and then ask Ian (or Bart) to merge the changes in. Here is an example interaction: <code> 1 $ git clone www.git 2 $ cd www.git 3 $ git config remote.origin.push master:refs/heads/bart/devel 4 $ vim foo.php 5 $ git add foo.php 6 $ git commit -m“fixed spacing in foo” 7 $ git push </code> Naturally step 1 and 2 need only be done once to get a clean clone. Step 3 sets up the default branch you can push to, otherwise your push will go to master (which fails for everyone except the integrator). Subsequent development would following these steps: <code> 1 $ cd www.git 2 $ git pull 3 $ vim foo.php 4 $ git add foo.php 5 $ git commit -m“fixed spacing in foo” 6 $ git push </code> Where step 2 syncs local files with the server's published code. If you have problems with Git contact; for help with other site stuff contact Ian. ===== Software Considered ===== * conf2py * requires hacking source, lots of nice features though – ian * Open Conference System * suggested by aidan, this is my preference so far – ian * pentabarf * suggested by dave0, registration not included? * Act * suggested by dave0, documentation is difficult to penetrate – ian * civievent * posed by ex-expat, module for civicrm - registration, reg confirmation/receipts, participant roles/info * there is a moneris plugin for payment processor, which handles $cdn, but gpl status is unclear
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