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To edit this wiki you must obtain an account from the current board. We have replaced the older trac wiki with dokuwiki in order to make it a little easier for keeping the pages updated and avoiding the oddities with registered users that have plagued us in the past.

An email to the board ( should get you a response reasonably quickly. We are trying to avoid the insane number of registrations that trac has collected which usually require some back end manipulation to recover valid accounts.

1 Of course, you will need to remove the '#' characters

Tutorials and Help Materials

Older Items

Technical Projects and Notes

* OCLUG live distro

* viewing Comment information in a JPG file browser

  • This investigation was prompted by a need to quickly check the captions saved in JPG files. After some exchange on the linux _at_ list, I recorded what I found, including a nice simple tool built on the feh package. See scanjpgwoes.pdf. Because the Irfanview program for Windows (32 bit particularly) is useful for both Linux and Windows, documentation of how to use it to view JPG Comments in full-screen mode is presented separately as viewjpgcmt.pdf.

* removing restrictions on pdf files

  • TD seems in 2017 to have started to put restrictions on pdf statement files. It is useful to be able to delete boilerplate and add in payment records using pdfshuffler. Here is a recipe. fixpdfrestrictions.pdf

Advocacy Projects

OCLUG Board and Procedural items

Tux System Administration

[[|OCLUG Website]] Development

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