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TUX Acceptable Use

Tux is a server and its services provided for the benefit of OCLUG and its members.

To protect this resource OCLUG requires (at 20100911 we have yet to implement this) that those given access acknowledge the following acceptable use agreement.

I, _, (printed name, email, address and phone) _

acknowledge that I have been given access to the OCLUG server named Tux. I agree that my usage of this resource will at all times respect other users, and will endeavour to do no harm to them, OCLUG, or its resources. I recognize that OCLUG, through its Board or their agents, may revoke my privileges on Tux at any time.

Date: Signature.

Suggested implementation: A template will be prepared (OpenOffice?) that can be completed. It can either be printed, signed and scanned, or else a scanned signature embedded and a PDF prepared. The PDF's will be archived. (NashJc 20100912)

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