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This is an attempt to list the system administration people helping with tux. Board of Directors should have contact information for everyone involved. This list should give a hint about who to contact first when problems arise.


  • power, internet access and rack space provided by rgb
  • upgrade process by bjb, rgb, (+others)…

Remote backups

  • remote storage space, automated DB and file backups by mcr

E-mail spam filtering

  • set up and maintained dave0

Mailing lists

  • approve messages, administer lists (?)


  • admin users eric, john, roland, bart, bjb, mcr, wardi
  • trac skin customized by lisa

Meetings postings

  • meetings posted by roland
  • code maintained by wardi
  • other admin users eric, lisa, bjb, rgb, mcr, kenziem, taylorj

Jobs postings

  • approved by wardi and bart (email notifications configured in /etc/aliases)
  • code maintained by wardi

Planet (aggregate members' blogs)

  • blogs added/removed and code fixes by wardi

Admin email

  • errors emails generated by the system go to bjb, wardi
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