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Website To-Do List

This document is an effort to create a quick-and-easy centralized location to note website items that need to be addressed. They may be incorporated into the existing ticket system if desired, but often they are sufficiently minor such that creating individual tickets for each may be counterproductive. Please feel free to add any broken links, outdated statements, and the like that you may notice on the OCLUG website. ~ Lisa Lovchik, 2010-06-19

  • No link to presentation slides on main template
    • Temporary fix in place. - Lisa
    • Added link to 2010 slides page (, but as it stands URL will require manual yearly updating. A better solution would be a central “Presentation Slides” page with a URL that doesn't change from year to year. Current yearly nomenclature appears necessary because attached files appear as a list at the bottom of each page, and files from multiple years would be numerous and look cluttered. Complicating this, the 2009 slides page has no year in the URL (, but because of the attached files there is no real way to transfer everything to another page or change the URL without patching Trac.
    • Why not put a link right in the meeting talk description? –bjb aha, you have that in your “larger issues” - great.
  • On the page for 2010 presentation slides, there are “to be completed” placeholders for slides from March and April talks. Is it too late to pester the speakers for those months to post their slides? Or should we remove the placeholders?
  • “Useful Links” has broken link (Free Software stickers) and needs minor formatting cleanup
  • “Promotion” and “Media Files” are essentially duplicates, and “Promotion” links to outdated media. Combine?
    • Promotion” has valuable introductory information for OCLUG promotional materials, but is a “flat page” and does not automatically update links to the files when new ones are uploaded. “Media Files” is a link to a dynamic listing of uploaded files. That is, there's nowhere in the admin interface to add a text introduction, but the file list is automatically updated when there are new uploads.
    • Proposed solutions:
      1. Remove “Media Files” link, and update “Promotion” links manually when there are changes, or
      2. Find and modify the “Media Files” template with an introduction, and remove “Promotion” link
  • “What is Linux?” needs dual-boot howto link, and references
  • “About the Website” links to old wiki, old “further hardware details” page, old “site update process” page, old “access to the code (remote access) page, and deprecated www mailing list - fixed - Lisa
  • “About the Website” doesn't mention Trac software running the Wiki - fixed - Lisa
  • “About the Website” makes reference to and links the “Development Site” ( - keep this as-is, or modify since the Wiki is essentially our “Development Site”?
  • “About the Website” describes Tux' hardware and software, and Tux is facing an upgrade soon. Keep and update this information, or remove it? How will we remember to come back to this and update it whenever the configuration is changed?
  • “About OCLUG” has several broken links to Mailing List information, Netiquette, and “Past Meeting Topics” - fixed - Lisa
  • “About OCLUG” has a broken link to “membership form.” Do we still have membership forms? Or can this be removed?
  • “About OCLUG” refers to meeting day being Tuesday, while referring reader to main page for exact room number of meeting. Remove this (to allow for atypical changes such as the recent switch to Thursdays), and refer to main page for time and day as well? See “Larger Issues” below. - fixed - Lisa
  • “Programming Olympics” - do we need an announcement that it's no longer running and mentioning that the Randal Leavitt Award is in the works?
  • “Keysigning” - do we still need this page?
  • “Contacts” has broken link to deprecated mailing lists URL - fixed - Lisa
  • “Contacts” address needs to be updated once legal address change is complete

Larger issues

  • IMHO (Lisa), we should remove as many internal links on secondary pages as possible, instead referring to the main page where the links can be found. This would eliminate broken internal links when changes are made to the website structure (e.g., switching from old wiki at to new wiki at
  • Wiki is at - change to
  • Is there a way to directly attach presentation slides to Past Meetings listings, so that below the description of a given presentation is a convenient link to the associated slides? Then, rather than creating a new Slides page every year where slides are on the Wiki and completely separated from context, the only link necessary would be where it makes the most sense - beneath the meeting date and description of the topic and speaker.
  • Port the oclug django program to newer django/python
  • Upgrade Trac software - 0.10.x is no longer maintained; current version (as of 2010-07-18) is 0.12 Babel
  • AUP page clarification , Add (sysadmin users) after : TUX Acceptable Use header ?
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